Thursday, July 28, 2005

Broken Engine but not broken spirit

Oh sheesh, The Falcon conked out again. I just had the left thrusters fixed a few days ago. Those silly droids has crossed me. They put on low-quality hyperdrive modifiers and I paid for the original ones. So now all my credits has been wiped out. Need to go to Jabba to borrow money tomorrow.

The last shipment hasn't paid me well. Three crates of death sticks to Corruscant party -goers which is 5000 credits each. And of course this dirty, greedy Imperial Galactic Navy Commodore, I won't mention his name, wants a 60% cut on the sales in exchange for the code to The Shield that is only valid for 6 Tatooine weeks! Aren't they well compensated by the Empire? They never seem to be contented.


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