Saturday, November 07, 2015

Writing again after 8 Earth Years

...and so they made that fucking movie.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The First Uprising

The First Uprising is a pathetic struggle. So many Jedis have been wasted, for me there's nothing personal, I'm more concerned about my career and how I'm going to retire from this silly outfit fast and get a high-paying job like the bounty hunters. Looks like the Emperor is happier dealing with these cash-thirsty slimes than using us to get the job done. And Lord Vader? He's just a yes-man who possess a Jedi magic (Force my ass) Who cares about the rank and the glory anyway?

Friday, July 29, 2005

Training Days

You may wonder how did I get into this business. How I was able to learn how to fly dilapidated hotrods like this Falcon. At nineteen, I was admitted to the Imperial Naval Academy. As of this writing, none of the graduates know where it is. The Faculty are all Clone Wars veteran and most have carried out The (infamous) Purge known as Order 66. I finished 160th in the class, we were 2000 out of the original 80,000,000,000. After that stint, I was qualified for TIE Fighter Level 1(Zero Gravity) Program. This is where I got to demonstrate who I am that the jerks in the Academy failed to see so I am just in the 160th. Upon completion we were pitted in a more difficult, nauseating Level 2(Gravity) Program, this course is very challenging, because everything feels heavy and fast. I lost a substantial amount of weight during this program due to vomit. I thought I couldn't make it. The final program is the TIE Fighter Level 3(Interdiction), I'll tell you on this program, pre-flight homeworks is a must. Interdiction includes transitional patrol on atmospheric to semi-atmospheric to zero-gravity conditions and vice-versa. The procedure has to be performed non-stop until relief units arrive. The purpose of the last program is about endurance and your ability to manuever the craft at any given scenarios like sudden of your blood pressure, vertigo syndrome etc. etc. If you complete this, you'll be awarded full Imperial Squadron Lieutenant rank.

My first game with death was during the failed First Uprising. This will be my next entry.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Broken Engine but not broken spirit

Oh sheesh, The Falcon conked out again. I just had the left thrusters fixed a few days ago. Those silly droids has crossed me. They put on low-quality hyperdrive modifiers and I paid for the original ones. So now all my credits has been wiped out. Need to go to Jabba to borrow money tomorrow.

The last shipment hasn't paid me well. Three crates of death sticks to Corruscant party -goers which is 5000 credits each. And of course this dirty, greedy Imperial Galactic Navy Commodore, I won't mention his name, wants a 60% cut on the sales in exchange for the code to The Shield that is only valid for 6 Tatooine weeks! Aren't they well compensated by the Empire? They never seem to be contented.

Hi I am Han Solo

I am Han Solo, right now I'm broke and I need a gig.